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Illuminating Neck

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Multi active Moisturizer designed specifically for the delicate skin on the neck. It utilizes marine plankton, hyaluronic acid, and and advanced peptide complex along with potent antioxidants to brighten, lift, firm, tone and tighten the skin. 

Illuminating Neck, like all the members of this collection, is loaded with effective, targeted, result-oriented, safe, natural, and non-toxic ingredients. It’s for use specifically for the neck to tighten, smooth, and brighten. Illuminating Neck will change your neck for the better!

Illuminating Neck Multi-active treatment designed to treat the multiple problems of an aging neck. Illuminating Neck is the only product that treats the 5 major concerns of the neck area.

• Lifts sagging neck

• Reduces wrinkles

• Contains strong antiaging properties

• Decreases the appearance of a double chin, resulting in the appearance of a slenderer neck

• Skin lightening activity


For Sensitive skin:

Start off using Illuminating Neck once every other day for 3 days, then proceed to once a day for 3 days, then twice one day and once the next day for a week. Finally, begin using twice a day.

This is a powerful product.

If someone develops a sensitivity after 2 weeks of use (allergy), they can get an O2SkinPro side by side and add oxygen to the cream to relieve the allergic reaction. We recommend using the O2SkinPro with the Illuminating Neck cream for two months, and then see if the skin can tolerate the neck cream alone. If so, discontinue use with O2SkinPro. If not, use the oxygen one more month and try again. O2SkinPro will correct the allergic reaction of the skin.